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      • Dude I Want That

        Dude I Want That

        “But perhaps the best selling point SLOTDOG has going for it is the scored pockets’ ability suck in your preferred hot dog condiments. Ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce will seep into the slots, providing both even distribution and a higher chance that the runny goops won’t spurt out the sides and ends of the bun, and onto your lap with each bite.”

      • Trend Hunter

        Trend Hunter

        “Working like a multi-blade slicing device, the ‘Slotdog’ allows chefs to easily cut multiple lines into hot dog wieners in one go. Anyone who has ever tried to do this with a knife when the dogs are already on the grill will know just how convenient this device truly is.”

      • Cool Things

        Cool Things

        “giving the frank scored sections that expand during cooking where sauces and condiments can sink in…it does that by making your hotdogs look like pineapple skin…giving your meat a whole lot more places to hold those favorite condiments when you pour them on.”

      • Grill Junkie

        Grill Junkie

        “SLOTDOG may be one of the most interesting and practical ideas to arrive on the Hot Dog scene in some time as it can easily turn a boring, easy to overcook hot dog into a juicy, caramelized condiment-gripping meal”

      • BBQ Tricks

        BBQ Tricks

        “The SLOTDOG Worked for me right away and gave my Oscar Mayer wiener a Gator-like tire tread look. It’s a fun conversation starter at your next BBQ and kids would love it.”