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Hot Dog Slicing Tool

Use only SKINLESS hot dogs without a casing, Cold and Firm directly from refrigerator.

SLOTDOG® has a grid of stainless steel blades that create perfect criss-cross slots in your hot dog. The slots expand as the Hot Dog cooks, capturing Smoke and Grill Flavor deep inside. Juicy squares with crispy caramelized edges grab hold of your toppings. BBQ rubs and sauces soak deep into the slots for a flavor infused experience.

And, it's Dishwasher Safe.

Your SLOTDOG® hot dogs will be the hit of your next party or tailgate.

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SLOTDOG is Awesome!

Totally Awesome Yet So Easy - 
Just Push, Pull and Grill

SLOTDOG in Action

PUSH SLOTDOG® down on the SKINLESS fridge temperature hot dog with a rocking motion to pierce and slot your hot dog.

PULL the hot dog away from the blades carefully and repeat on the other side. Using SLOTDOG® on both sides will prevent curling when cooking.


GRILL and watch the slots expand and open up - that means it's hot and ready to serve. Enjoy your awesome tasty SLOTDOG® hot dog and share them with your friends.


Best Drunken Purchase EVER
....I'm quite the bbq enthusiast, and this has quickly become a staple in my bbq tool bag....give them a finish baste of your favorite bbq sauce mixed with a bit of butter and/or bacon grease....

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L. Carrots

Fun twist for an old standard
Great product! It seems like a simple idea but the effect on the flavor and texture of the hotdog is much more improved than I imagined it could be. ....

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Take your hot dog game to the NEXT LEVEL
....Some of the best hot dogs I've ever made and the people i've cooked them for agree. It lets you get that grill flavor and the grooves catch your topping as well.....

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